ACACIA FibreGuard® – Fuss-free Sofa Fabric

One of our most popular-selling sofa fabric range FibreGuard® is created by ACACIA, a long-term business partner and supplier that V Furniture has been working closely with for many many years. We dress our sofas in FibreGuard® https://fibreguard.com/ because it is SO FUSS-FREE.



2 thoughts on “ACACIA FibreGuard® – Fuss-free Sofa Fabric

  1. Dawn says:

    Hi, I was being referred by someone on Instagram that she got her washable cover sofa from your place. I am looking for a 2 seater sofa with detachable and washable fabric which can be washed on a monthly basis. Preferred style will be beige linen.

    1. vfurniAdmin says:

      Hi Dawn! In order for us to assist you better, you can call us at 6385 6930 alternatively you can email us your contact details at space@thevfurniture.com and we will get our consultant to assist you from there. Thank you.

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