The Product Developer

With our dedicated professional team, we explicate and build every single piece of prototypes based on 35 over years of expertise for the whole generation of seating ideas. (Property developers, hoteliers, architects, interior designers). Of course, we have to think of everything, challenging ourselves in finding new solutions. We always believe in real craftsmanship. As soon as the product is ready to be presented, our planners will carry out the necessary instructions to our artisans in order to build the perfect sofa for your home.

The Frame Builder

In this department, we construct the wooden structures using real quality dipterocarp hardwood well known as Kapur, the most durable construction used tropical timber. Using traditional peg joints, which we glue on as well, the bodies are indestructible. In V Furniture, we always ensure the bodies are toughened and able to withstand for decades.
Although repair and servicing are part of The V’s commitment, we are careful not to overwork the product with too many modifications.

The Fabric Cutter

The V Furniture has a huge collection of fabrics. Having to work with all the materials is not the greatest challenge, but we have to make sure every different pattern/texture fits perfectly on every single piece of the framework. Given the fact that every custom made piece varies in specific proportions, every single inch of detail and precise measurement counts. Therefore, we are confident in creating a well-tailored exclusive piece for you!

The Cushion Maker

We are the most designated department here. The foam ultimately defines the form and appearance of every piece of The V Furniture. We are able to deliver every detail and design angle that our product development team passes on.The most important thing in the end is the comfort that we build up in the several layers of each furniture, providing it’s own characteristic, sitting comfort and experience. Ease yourself and have a seat on V’s Sofa sometime, and you will experience the superior materials we use for a remarkable sofa.

The Leather Cutter

Master tools are our best friend. Cutting leather isn’t particularly tricky, the tricky part is doing it right. We have to be very particular in every single mark and snip because leather is astronomically expensive thus we have to make sure it is perfect. We know how important this department is for The V Furniture. It is the leather that we look at most for years. Afterall, it is how you, as a customer, measure the quality of the furniture.

The Embroiderer

All the different textures, prints and coverings are a real challenge for our job. Great knowledge is what we need to have, to be really all-rounded. With our efficient spirit together with my professional colleagues, we make sure that the assemblance of your sofa looks perfect with the top-notch techniques of embroidery. As precise as you order it.

The Upholsterer

Craftsmen of the bygone times. In this department are all qualified upholsterers. We build modern products with top-grade quality. “A perfect interior piece with meticulous processing of materials.” This is extremely important to us, given the devotion we pledge ourselves to. The builder’s enthusiasm can be seen on every piece of The V Furniture, nonetheless showing that we invest a lot of ourselves in it as well.

The Lacquer Specialist

Sanding, lacquering and staining. Numberless components pass through our department for treatment. Every single component firstly has to be degreased and sanded before sending over to the spraying cabin for a coat of lacquer/stain. We use water based or powder lacquers as much as possible as those components are harmless to the environment. Our work put the finishing touches to all V products.

The Dispatcher

In our department, we see something new everyday too. We will do a final glance before we package your furniture. You can make a sofa as ravishing as you want but if it is not packaged properly, it may get damaged during transport. That is why we have to take thorough and extreme care throughout the entire packaging process before loading up to our own trucks. Dirty hands are strictly prohibited here. That is how we ensure your furniture will reach you in perfect condition.