Company Profile

V Furniture - Our Promise to You

The team behind V production has over 35 years of experience in sofa-making and upholstery. From our workshop in Malaysia, every piece of sofa is exclusively crafted piece by piece by our master artisans and craftsmen. We have also worked with many property developers, hoteliers, architects, interior designers and celebrities.

Every piece of our sofa is a masterpiece of art and technical excellence.

  • Each and every one of our team of artisans and craftsmen are dedicated in their crafts, with the knowledge and experience passed down through time and experience.
  • Each sofa is lovingly created in partnership with our international design partners, fabric suppliers and other experts in the field of sofa-making.
  • Each piece is exquisitely hand-crafted, using only top quality materials that are durable and functional, coupled with expert craftsmanship and employing modern manufacturing methods and technologies.

1986: TOPLY was started by our 2 founders with a dream of creating sofas, from a humble 500-square feet workshop in the rural part of Northern Singapore, with a sewing machine and an air compressor.

1996: In a short space of 10 years, we have become the OEM sofas-provider to four major  home furnishings companies listed here in Singapore. We also supplied sofas to many 4 to 5 stars hotels, hospitals, corporations and even for the World Leaders Summit.

2000: We expanded our workshops to Malaysia and increased our manpower. We also participated in numerous international trade fairs, and was exporting sofas to countries like Japan and Germany.

2008: We obtained the rights as an OEM manufacturer and exporter of “Leisure Sofas” to Australia.

2009: With the strong support from the designers and business partners that we work with, V Furniture was incorporated, with the goal of bringing high quality sofas closer to the consumers.

2019: With more than 30 years of experience, our artisans and craftsmen are able to create any sofas from the design stage to production stage. We have established our branding as the One-Stop Sofa Solutions Provider, and will be launching Our Vision 2020 & Beyond soon.

V Furniture – Our Vision for 2020 and Beyond

In this fast-paced modern world we live in, every decision we make (regarding what we wear, eat, live, work and play) have to be quick and goal-oriented. As a result, we are so disconnected from the people and even this Earth that we call Our Home.

Have we ever stopped and ask ourselves – What is a Home? What makes a Home? At V, we know the importance of Home and that is one of our Core Focus, when it comes to delivering sofa solutions that are innovative, environment-friendly and customer-centric.

The sofa holds so much stories and memories within its frame, through the passing of the years. Choosing a good sofa that matches your living space, which is both durable and functional, is such a critical and time-consuming decision-making process.

With the information gathered from a Consumer Tastes survey, we came up with Our Vision for 2020 and Beyond. We aim to change the way you work and play with Our Brand-New Sofa Strategy. We have re-build and re-brand our sofas with customers in mind and at its core.

Sofas that can be moved around easily to fit all scenarios, sofas that “resemble Transformer Robots” and “Sofas for All Seasons” are some of the new yet innovative offerings that we will be launching soon. After years of use, when the material quality has deteriorated or become unusable, we have our Go Green! Solutions to offer YOU.

Stepping into 2020 and beyond, V Furniture has 3 GOALS to achieve in terms of how we want to value-add to our customers

❤️ Simple Designs that are Transformable and Flexible to Use
🧡 Reusable Materials
💚 Go Green! Technology and Production Process

Let’s us work together, hand in hand, for a Greener and more sustainable future.