About us

Selecting a piece from V collection means to appreciate values of the team of artisans in V that are handed down through experience and time.

Each model is an exclusive creation of our international design partners, designed to characterise an environment with class, beyond the vogue of the moment.

Each model is made by hand, using materials that are unique in terms of quality and durability, an exclusive craftsman-like care combined with modern manufacturing methods.

You can be assured that a piece of V furniture is truly worth investing in for years to come.



The team behind V production has over 30 years of experience in upholstery and tailoring in sofa making.

Our sofa workshop is base in Malaysia where we work with experience artisans to craft exclusive orders piece by piece.

We have served numerous companies as an OEM company and always pride ourselves in delivering quality products and excellent customer service. Our clients include developers, hoteliers, architects, designers and other specifier.

In 2009, we decided to open our first shop in Singapore to serve customers after receiving positive and encouraging feedback and request from our consumers. Subsequently in 2015, it increases to 4 boutique shop.
Discerning people who know about what makes a sofa good.

V provide a piece of furniture spells out comfort, long lasting and well made with a sense of history which values should embrace for the coming years and not just a trend.

As customers are buying directly from the manufacturer, they can be assure of our promise for the warranties being delivered. The furniture are assembled in Malaysia with a Singaporean management and quality control team, hence they can be assured that all prices are kept to a minimum yet with an international level of quality.