V Sofas – Durability That is Built to Last

Are you looking for durable, functional and beautifully designed sofas? Search no further… At V Furniture, we are proud to offer to all customers who have purchased sofas from us a 10 years guarantee for the sofa frame.

Why can we promise that?

Our sofa frames are made from high quality Kapur Wood. Kapur is a dipterocarp hardwood from trees of the genus Dryobalanops, found in lowland tropical rainforests of South-East Asia. It is a durable construction tropical timber.

Kapur Wood is famous for these amazing qualities:

🌲High surface hardness (class 2 durability, ideal for use in both outdoors or indoors construction)

🌲 Weather resistance

🌲 Unmatched quality

🌲 Resistance to attacks by termites (when freshly cut, the timber of the Kapur Wood tree releases a camphor-like odour that makes the wood resistant to termites attacks)

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