Sofa Making

V’s Value-Added Upholstery Service

Upholstery is the process of providing old or antique furniture, especially for seats and sofas with new padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers, thereby extending the shelf-life and also improving the aesthetic and feel of the often outdated furniture.


What does Upholstery Involve?

  1. Strengthening of existing or replacement of old and worn-out sofa springs
  2. Cleaning of existing sofa fabric, making it look like it’s just been newly purchased
  3. Replacement of existing sofa fabric, to be more in-tune with current design and theme of the new, revamped living or working space
  4. Addition or replacement of existing foam padding which may have worn out over the years, thus giving you a new comfortable feel
  5. Refurbishment of old sofa frames or even sofa legs to improve the sturdiness and to strengthen the existing sofa framework
  6. Materials can be used or added to reinforce the durability of the existing fabric and padding
  7. New foam or fibre can be added to provide extra comfort and softness

Benefits of Re-Upholstery

  • Do you have a piece of old sofa that was bought 5 or even more than 10 years ago? Does it look out-dated and will not fit in with all the new furniture you bought recently while you were intending to revamp your living space?

There is no need to throw away your old sofa at all. Come and speak to V Furniture’s Sofas Experts who can guide you through the process of re-upholstery with ease, peace of mind, and give a fresh new look to your aged sofas.


  • Are you going for a new Modern Rustic or Zen Minimalist look for your living space? Does your old sofa that holds so many old memories and stories within its still solid frame, feels like it is losing its comfort and luxurious feel?

There is no need to shop for a new sofa set. Come for a consultation with our Sofas Experts who will assess your current situation, living space requirements and themes you may have, and provide a fresh spin for the design, fabrics and/or colours to update your sofa, perhaps even putting it way ahead of current home décor trends.


  • By re-upholstering old sofas, we actually save the environment by saving on the costs of raw materials needed to make new furniture and cut down on carbon footprint. Saving money in the process, we can achieve more with less, through the effective use of upholstery.


Process of V Furniture Upholstery Service

  1. At V Furniture, we will first sit down with you and listen to your story, gather the necessary information so as to better understanding your upholstery requirements.
  2. You will get a quotation from our experienced Sofas Experts, do note that the cost of the upholstery does vary depending on the service provided, material costs and other factors.
  3. Once agreed, we will collect the item for upholstery. Do give us 2 to 4 weeks to complete the whole upholstery process.
  4. You will be contacted by us with regards to the delivery of the newly upholstered item(s).


Our professional upholstery team can help you to extend the lifetime of your favorite piece of furniture. Our value-added upholstery service is not only just for those sofas you purchase from us, but we also provide that service for other pieces of furniture that our customers have purchased elsewhere

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